The music of Psychedelic Mooj is an amazing fusion of rock, funk, soul and jazz all in one melting pot of psychedelic blues. Hailing from Chandler, AZ Psychedelic Mooj has been playing together since January 2005. Just in their first two years, they’ve recorded two full-length all original albums, played numerous live shows, including an amazing show with their long-time mentor, Robin Trower and Big Head Todd and the Monsters.

What is a Mooj (pronounced MOO-j)? According to the band members of Psychedelic Mooj, Mooj is something that can represent anything and everything. It’s blues, it’s rock, it’s soul, jazz, country or whatever you want it to be. This diverse musical philosophy known as “Mooj” is the cornerstone of their sound.

Psychedelic Mooj came together from varied musical styles, backgrounds and careers. Their day-jobs range from a nuclear engineer, water supply engineer, medical technician and an advertising executive. Everyone was brought together for a love of harmonious creativity with no boundaries. This perpetual drive to explore new musical roads can be clearly heard in their music and live shows.


Psychedelic Mooj is:

  • Richard Chavez: Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
  • Dave Hull: Bass
  • Rick Obenshain: Drums
  • Bill Tuli: Guitar, Vocals

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